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Astra IT is an Authorised Partner for e-scan anti virus security. We provide the tools to protect your data from attack. With so many antivirus software options available, we can help you choose the correct one for your computer systems.


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Secure, Scalable and Reliable

eScan anti virus and Internet Security is designed for home and office users with a comprehensive Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution. It provides proactive protection for your computers and servers against malware and other threats that creep around the internet such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, and range of Information Security threats.

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Securing your IT infrastructure

Business data and infrastructure is central to most companies' day to day running. Data loss can be detrimental and harm the business' reputation.

As an IT specialist we understand the importance and necessity of Data Security and to this end we are able to help you protect your computer systems and data, maintaining confidentiality and integrity.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, your company can rely on us to keep your infrastructure safe from current threats. Protecting your Servers, Desktop pc, laptops and networks from unauthorised attack.

Protecting and recovering from attack

arrow right anti virus software Supply, installation of antivirus software

arrrow right software support Continuing support of you current software

arrow right for email Email protection and recovery

arrow right computer protection Keeping desktops and servers protected

arrow right for virus detection Virus detection and removal from infections

arrow right for antispam AntiSpam

arrow right for firewall Firewall measures

arrow right for password recovery Password protection

arrow right for software updates Keeping your security updated

arrow right for training Training and advice

arrow right for consulting Lowering security costs